A written estimate will be provided and your signed acceptance will be required prior to the commencement of work.  All rates are subject to an annual review. 

My current rates are as follows:


My hourly rate is £18.00*, subject to a minimum charge of 1 hour.  After the first hour, my hourly rate will be billed in increments of 15 minutes, with time being rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour.

This hourly billing rate ensures that you pay only for the time it has taken to complete the task, thus a cost-effective way of having support on an as-and-when-needed basis.

I also offer a folio rate of £0.90** for every 72 words.  This is quite often the preferred method of payment, as it allows for a more accurate reflection of the work that has been carried out.

*I offer discretionary rates for students and regular clients, so please feel free to contact me for an individual quotation.

**Exclusive of proof-reading.  Proof-reading is charged under my current hourly rate, or an agreed discretionary rate. 


For digital transcription, I charge £1.10* per audio minute, rounded to the nearest minute.

Please note that my rate is based on good quality recorded audio. Whilst I will endeavour at all times to deal with lesser quality recordings, a surcharge of £0.20 per audio minute may be incurred, subject to my discretion. 

I reserve the right to refuse recordings which I deem to be of unacceptably poor quality.

*I offer discretionary rates for students and regular clients, so please feel free to contact me for an individual quotation.


If you require support on a regular basis, I can offer an exclusive retainer package.  This means you will receive a discounted hourly rate for a fixed, regular number of hours each month, ensuring you consistent administrative support throughout the month.

Please contact me, giving as much information as possible so that I can provide you with a comprehensive estimate. 


Invoices are submitted on the last day of each month following completion of work.  All invoices are in £ Sterling and will be due and payable within 7 days of issue.  VAT is not applicable. 

My preferred method of payment is via bank transfer, although I do accept credit card payments through PayPal. 


Work to be undertaken can be received either by email attachment, file transfer, post, hard-copy or CD-ROM.  A local collection service is available upon request.  All completed projects will be returned to you in the appropriate format by your preferred delivery method.


Turnaround of work is dependent on the size of the task, the nature of your project, the quality of the recordings or hard-copy and work already in progress.  I will, however, endeavour to meet your overall objective efficiently and timeously and will go that extra mile to meet tight deadlines.